Good Things – Small Packages

I recently became aware of an intriguing new product; one which was perfect for use with my Leica M9 as well as both the Sony NEX and Micro 43rds systems – lens pouches for small lenses!

Small, Medium, & Large Pouches
(35mm Summilux shown for size comparison) 

I already have pouches for all of my Canon lenses. In fact, Canon supplies them with most all of its high-end lenses. However, the ones Canon supply offer little to no protection, so when I travel with my Canon gear, my lenses are well packed into a padded case.

With smaller systems such as Leica, NEX and m43rds, the use of a large travel case tends to defeat the purpose of the system. So, along comes the Micro Lens Pouch; a smaller, extremely well-padded pouch designed for smaller system camera lenses.

Alright, let me start out by saying that I procrastinated before ordering these.  After all, the Leica lenses all come with very nice zippered cases.  Why buy something else?  Well, after a strong push from another photographer, I decided to take the plunge (after all they are not expensive to try out).  Boy, am I glad I did.

You see, the cases which came with my lenses are MUCH bigger than the lenses themselves; and while they protect the ends of the lens, they are rather weak in the middle.

These new pouches are made from two layers of thick neoprene and are quite form-fitting.  Not only do they protect your lenses extremely well, but they do so while adding as little bulk as possible.

Why is this important?  One of the main benefits of the mirrorless camera is its portability.  The Micro Lens Pouch enhances this even further by allowing you to easily carry your lenses with you.  In fact, what I love most is that I can now carry my extra lenses just in the pockets of my cargo pants.  Now I can have an entire kit available without needing to carry a large and obvious camera bag.

The pouches come in three sizes Tall, Grande, Venti (just kidding), Small, Medium, and  Large.  They are available on Amazon sold by Cheaplights, Todd Hatakeyama.  Each listing on Amazon comes with a guide to their sizing regarding which lenses should work with which pouches.  The only problem I had is that the small pouch size is recommended for the Leica 35mm Summilux.  While it does fit, it is a little too tight for my taste.  So, I exchanged it for the medium, and it works perfectly.  50 Summilux – Small, 35 Summilux – Medium, 90 Summicron – Large: Perfect!

If you shoot with a mirrorless camera system and want the best way to carry your lenses with you, I Highly Recommend the Micro Lens Pouches.  They really free you up and allow you to carry as little as possible, and as inconspicuously as possible.

As for me, I plan to order an additional Medium and Large pouch for the NEX lenses once I return from my current photo assignment.

You can find these on Amazon:

Small Micro Lens Pouch
Medium Micro Lens Pouch
Large Micro Lens Pouch
Two Pack (Small and Medium) Micro Lens Pouches
Three-Pack (Small, Medium and Large) Micro Lens Pouches


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