Surprise Arrival!

This morning we received a new arrival.  Sony, quite graciously, sent a pre-production NEX-7 for evaluation and review during my upcoming trip to Cuba.

So far I have only had enough time to take it from its box, charge up its batteries and have it pose for a quick photo.  I have just over a week to learn as much as I can about this camera before it is pressed into some serious service in Cuba.

You see, prior to the disaster in Thailand I had ordered my own NEX-7 for this trip.  I needed a camera capable of taking professional photos alongside my Canon gear – but one with which I could “travel lite” and not be as obviously a “photographer” when needed.  Once Sony learned that I would not be able to obtain one in time, they were extremely helpful in getting me this evaluation unit to put through its paces.

For my part of the bargain, I agreed to share my experiences with you and my photos once I return from the trip.

So, that’s it.  What do you want to know? (no, I don’t know when yours will be coming)  So, far I only have the kit lens, but I may invest in one or two others if I can before I leave.  Let me know what you would like to know, and perhaps I can answer your questions.


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