Enchanted – Images of New Mexico (Preview)

As promised, I am uploading 3 sample images to the Blog from my upcomming book.  These are just a few random images.

The book will be broken up into four categories: Santa Fe, Taos Pueblo, Pure New Mexico, History of Man.  (not so sure about the last two names – still working on it.)

These represent a variety of images taken around New Mexico from 2002-2011.  New Mexico is a very special place, one with a tremendous variety and attraction for photographers in general.

I hope to have the book done and sent to the printer by the end of the year.  Heading off to Cuba in December, preparing for the next book, so a busy, busy end-of-year.


3 responses to “Enchanted – Images of New Mexico (Preview)

  1. Wonderful write-up, thanks. Bracketing is up to .7 not .3, but still not enough I agree……….John

  2. Peter, came across your blog recently to check out your nex7 review. Enjoyed the great images from Cuba and your helpful user feedback.

    I recently moved out West to CA and am considering a short photo trip to New Mexico. Any recommendations as to routes/destinations?

    Keep up the great work!


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